• Brick
  • Landscape
  • Mosaic
  • Nordic
  • Reclaimed
  • Shipyard
  • Weld


Back to basics, the simplicity of a pure, inspiring natural and minimalistic design. Create a set, a pattern, a unique canvas with each piece that composes it.  


Nature can be an infinite source of inspiration. The neutral colors the land offers can easily match your interior.


Linear classical timeless design all in one. The natural look of our hardwood mosaics will transform any space into a work of art


Linear simplicity and natural wood elements inspired by Scandinavian design. A balanced look and unique coloration coincide with modern elegance.


Unique assemblage of recycled woods. Upcycle collection, sustainable option resulting in outstanding aesthetics. Adorn your walls with fragments of history.

Shipyard New Collection

The hull of the boat steering through waves, mooring to the most beautiful harbours, fighting through storms or sailing under sunny skies. Leaving us to follow the ocean current and create a collection rich in textures, colors and uniqueness as are each voyages.


Complex finishes, textures and nuances offered in variety of predetermined widths. Create a contemporary look guided by your own creativity.

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